Goodbye 70 million plastic bottles

As part of our Feel Good, Sleep Well™ philosophy, we are making great headway in our goal to contribute to a more sustainable future and today we celebrate our 70 millionth plastic bottle being diverted from landfill and our oceans.

How have we done this? Well, simply put… we’ve replaced foam with sustainable comfort layers specially engineered from Jay-Be e-Fibre™. e-Fibre is created by recycling plastic bottles into soft fibres which are bonded together to create long lasting supportive comfort fillings.

And our eco-credentials don’t stop there:

  • We are extremely proud to have been awarded official FSC® certification in November 2013 – The wood used in all our headboards and upholstery is harvested from 100% traceable and approved sustainable and ethical sources
  • All Jay-Be products are made using 100% recyclable and sustainable materials wherever possible.
  • As a company we are almost zero to landfill and currently working with specialist recycling partners to dispose of our internal manufacturing and employee produced waste.
  • All used paper documents are collected on site, removed and shredded by a third party where they are then 100% recycled and used for other purposes.
  • In January 2018 we launched our first rolled packed mattresses for children. By vacuum and roll packing our mattresses we reduce the cubic delivery volume by more than 70%, compared to an equivalent standard packed mattress. This enables us to store and distribute more than 3 times as many mattresses through the same cubic volume, thereby reducing land used for storage and carbon emissions from delivery.
  • We embrace employee initiatives including litter picking and cycle to work schemes

We have been passionate about responsible manufacturing for many years and it is considered in everything we do. Back in 2008 we won the British Furniture Manufacturer’s ‘Best Bed’ award for creating the industry’s first independently authenticated eco-mattress®. This mattress was the result of a complex and lengthy 4-year research project, working closely with specialist scientific partners as well as the UK Government, to understand the true eco-impact of the bed industry. The knowledge that we gained by working with some of the worlds most respected scientific research institutions has proved instrumental in helping to guide our bed and mattress development today.

In the 10 years that have followed we have made sustainability one of our top priorities and we are intensifying this with the progression of our Feel Good, Sleep Well philosophy.